2024-07-01: News Headlines

presstv.ir (2024-07-01). Iraqi Resistance vows to raise ante against US interests if Lebanon attacked. presstv.ir The Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee (IRCC) has vowed to target US interests in the Arab country and elsewhere in West Asia should Israel launch a military aggression against Lebanon.

newarab (2024-07-01). Iraqi militias vow to hit US targets if war widens in Lebanon. newarab.com

Robert Inlakesh (2024-07-01). Exclusive: Yemen and Iraq Unite Against Israel in Coordinated Attacks. mintpressnews.com The Yemeni Armed Forces and Islamic Resistance in Iraq have launched joint military operations against Israel, marking a new phase in regional support for Palestine. Exclusive details reveal the intricate coordination and strategic alliance behind these operations.

presstv.ir (2024-07-01). Iraqi resistance hits vital Israeli target in Eilat port with drones. presstv.ir The Islamic Resistance in Iraq says it has hit a vital Israeli target in Eilat port with drones.

newarab (2024-07-01). Arab Liaison Committee on Syria to meet in Baghdad this month. newarab.com The Arab Liaison Committee on The committee, form…

presstv.ir (2024-07-01). US sanctions harm Iranian victims of chemical attacks: Interim FM. presstv.ir Iran's interim foreign minister says the US keeps harming Iranian victims of chemical warfare through sanctions.

Emilia Cieslak (2024-07-01). The Weekly Round-up: Russian human rights abuses in Ukraine, climate litigation on the rise, Assange pleads guilty and goes free. ukhumanrightsblog.com In UK news Julian Assange has been released from HM Prison Belmarsh after accepting a plea deal with American prosecutors. Assange pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act, for communicating with whistleblower Chelsea Manning and receiving and publishing classified information regarding Guantanamo Bay, the Afghan and Iraq war, and US …

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